Feel free to download, burn to disc, share on p2p networks, upload to other websites for sharing, and in general give to the world. Do not alter or sell them in any way. For CD info, email me.

Sickly Heart*
A Shade Of Hopelessness*
50 Lashes
'Nameless Terror' - A Contrast in G Minor
The Human Wake
Insectile Anapaest
A Rigor Mortis Pentameter
Living Autopsy
Prelude No. 1 in C Major (For Piano and Mixed Electronics)
Slaughterhouse (Mortician Cover)

I am always working on new material. From time to time new songs will be posted. If you want full CDs email me to find out how to get one. I rarely charge more than the cost of shipping and packaging. If you work at a record store we can work something out for bulk prices. I don't expect any money back for sales, so I would appreciate it if you just give the CDs away -- please contact me if for some godawful reason you want to sell discs of this music. Thank you.

* - new tracks, 8/05