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Other misc. links
  • Alexxes Volskald -- Alexxes uses her myspace account, among other things, to promote underground music. Her devotion to spreading the word and keeping the underground alive shows, as this profile is a portal to many, many independent band websites. Most of it is of a black metal nature. Ave Alexxes!
  • Classic Cat - So much great music is offered here it's hard to believe the site's free.
  • Piano Society - Downloads of great piano works, often played by scholars and sometimes professionals. The quality is usually quite wonderful. Contributing pianists include Erik Helling, Hotaik Sung, and the amazing Hanna Shybayeva (not to mention the painfully gorgeous Anastasia Markina).
  • ANUS - The American Nihilist Underground Society. You'll get lost here.
  • The Mutopia Project - Sheet music which has passed into public domain (e.g., 75 years or more have passed since the composer's death). An invaluable resource to someone with an honest interest in music.
  • The Chopin Foundation - National foundation celebrating the works of Frederic Chopin (1810-1849). The foundation is also dedicated to keeping music alive and encouraging young musicians. Not something your average metal fan is interested in, but I put it here nonetheless because my appreciation for Chopin (and the foundation's efforts) are apart from metal. Chopin stands alone.