About This Music

Dehumanation is not black metal. It is not death metal. It is not industrial. It is not any clearly-defined genre of music at all, actually, and for that I think people should take note of it. Dehumanation is a combination of all of these musics and much more, some songs being carried more by one element than another. Confusing. But the best way to figure it out is to just listen to it.

I write for passion, self-loathing, fear, hatred, lonliness, destruction. World-wide destruction. The central concept of Dehumanation is the human spirit -- the macrocosm vs. the microcosm and how they're one in the same. Technology vs. humanity. The end result is usually full of metaphor, similie and hyperbole, but one gets the idea that "Dehumanation" is the only name I could think up that stuck. This is partly true, but the themes I often work off of tend to fit that neologism. Note: I am not clinically schizophrenic.

I don't need three or four other people fucking up what I've written because they can't play it or think it would sound better performed a different way, which is why I usually work alone. I am an argumentative and disagreeable person -- particularly if you're musically satisfied by pop and say that metal or industrial is just "noise". The true noise in our culture is pop music. It serves no purpose other than to make money.